Gluten free recipes

Gluten free recipes


Gluten free (GF) lifestyles can be challenging because the GF label alone does not necessarily mean healthy. Although pre-made GF products cut out gluten, they can cause health issues like weight gain or increased blood sugar due to the byproducts they contain. Finding brands without added sugars, trans fats, blood sugar raising starches & flours and food additives and cooking with natural ingredients, knowing favorable flours, grains, starches and cooking & food storing techniques are key for a healthy gluten free lifestyle.

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Marry theory with practice

Easy and healthy recipes for a happy GF life style

It is not information that makes a gluten free lifestyle successful. It is about transformation – to make theoretical info work in our everyday meal preparation efforts. Knowing about the right foods, how to creatively substitute recipe ingredients, proper meal preparation and food safety & storage techniques are key for sustainable gluten free lifestyles. Preparing meals with fresh ingredients, avoiding unhealthy store-bought gluten free pre-packed foods and to ward off cross-contamination in the kitchen are the cornerstones for a healthy gluten free lifestyle.

I am a Certified Health & Culinary Nutrition Coach and provide practical help transform to healthier lifestyles. No matter if you are celiac or have different degrees of gluten sensitivity, I help with identifying ingredients, preparing healthy meals, finding healthy GF brands, creative meals & recipes, grocery shopping, everything around cooking as well as adapting behavioural eating patterns. I coach you and your family through the entire transformation to an enjoyable gluten free lifestyle, using a no-nonsense, practical  training approach.

Gluten free recipes:

Healthy recipes are the cornerstones of enjoyable long-lasting life style modifications. Enjoy a selection of gluten free recipes I have created for my programs:

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Book a nutrition session with a certified Health & Culinary Nutrition Coach:

> Learn about healthy GF foods (the good and the bad)

> How to creatively substitute recipe ingredients

> Create healthy recipes / recipe templates for long lasting success

> Food safety & storage techniques to avoid cross-contamination

Strategies for eating healthy GF on a budget and outside your home

Avoid unhealthy store-bought gluten free pre-packed foods and identify healthy GF brand

Identifying key ingredients & creative meal planning

Grocery shopping assistance & adapting behavioural eating patterns