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Healthy Recipes


Healthy recipes do not have to be boring or overwhelming.  Get inspired by easy to prepare & delicious recipes I have created for my Wellness programs – using healthy, natural and fresh ingredients. I also create custom-tailored recipes to resolve deficiencies or replacing supplements with natural food.

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Diets don't work. Only lifestyle changes will last.

Healthy recipes are the cornerstones of enjoyable long-lasting life style modifications.

It is not the information about the right foods that make us healthy. It is about transformation. The major problem area for healthy eating I always see is meal preparation. Theoretical facts about good and bad foods is often not enough and health information is useless without practical knowledge about how to shop for, prepare and cook meals, especially for food allergy management.

As a certified Health Coach with a specialty in Culinary Nutrition Coaching, I help with all things related to food in your life. From identifying good foods, to creative meal planning, managing food allergies, healthy grocery shopping, cooking and adapting to behavioural eating changes. I coach you through the transformation to a healthier lifestyle using a no-nonsense, practical  training approach.

My Recipes

Enjoy a selection of recipes I have created for clients and my cooking classes:

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