About me

” I will help you to redefine your relationship with food”

Instead of overwhelming you with diet theories and multi-tiered-programs, my approach is customized to your individual needs. Based on your bio-individual composition, food preferences, cultural and socioeconomic considerations I create nutritional interventions and a personalized “Roadmap to health”.  My approach is caring and practical – helping clients to achieve harmony in every aspect of their life – for long lasting health, wellbeing and happiness.

yvonne wilhelmi eat4happiness llcI help clients to get healthier and happier

Would you like to live healthier but postpone it to tomorrow everyday? Do you need a reliable coach to implement changes and who will hold you accountable?  Do you try to shop and cook healthy but give up because you are out of ideas? You came to the right place. I can help you to kick-start your health to a new level. Today. Not tomorrow.

What makes Health & Nutrition Coaching effective?

“The major problem area for healthy eating efforts is meal preparation. Theoretical facts about good and bad foods without knowing how to make them work is often not enough for a successful lifestyle transformation. By applying Culinary Medicine principles, I am able to close this gap. Culinary Nutrition Coaching enables my clients to transform theoretical knowledge about food into practical & workable steps. Instead of telling you to eat 15% of this and 20% of that, I provide hands-on practical training on how to  shop, find healthy foods, and cook creatively on a long term basis. I create eating strategies, customized recipes and fun meal plans with room for occasional indulgence and, most importantly, my programs redefine your relationship with food. They prepare you and your family for a healthy future by teaching you how to shop healthy on a budget, to enjoy cooking nourishing & delicious meals, to be effective and safe in the kitchen and to understand food labels  – with a strong focus on behavior methodology.”

How I can help

I provide practical, no-nonsense, hands-on assistance and create an individual roadmap to your health. I specialize in weight management, food allergies and Culinary Nutrition and analyze your current eating habits, assist with healthy grocery shopping, cooking & recipe creation, allergy management and provide in depth food education to implement a sustainable, long-lasting healthy lifestyle. I am a non-judgmental, active listener and as your coach, I aim to educate and track your progress through proven accountability metrics.

I walk my talk by joyfully following a healthy lifestyle, with the occasional exception to indulge. Through personal experience, I know how powerful nutrition and a healthy lifestyle are and I am passionate about helping you finding your very own personal and individual roadmap to health. I am native to Berlin, Germany, currently living in Atlanta, GA and provide consulting sessions in English and German. I am trained and certified in more than one hundred nutrition theories and life styles, bio-individual health strategies, culinary nutrition and Life Coaching.


  • International Association of Health Coaches:
    Certified International Health Coach CIHC
  • Institute for Lifestyle Medicine of Harvard Medical School:
    Culinary Nutrition Chef Coaching
  • Stanford Medical School:
    Introduction to Food and Health
  • Harvard Medical School:
    Lifestyle Medicine: Nutrition and the Metabolic Syndrome
  • The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics:
    Managing Food Allergies

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My Story


How I became a Culinary Nutrition Coach


How it started

Many years ago I moved from Germany to Atlanta as an Expat to work as an IT Manager. My interest in nutrition at that time was merely recreational but shortly after the move, I gained weight and developed health issues. Although I had not changed my diet (at least that was what I thought at the time) I gained 35 pounds within a year. For someone who effortlessly maintained a weight of 100 pounds up to that point and leading a healthy lifestyle, I was at a loss. Interestingly, it was not about my new clothing size. I started having severe skin problems, headaches, I was always tired, out of breath after even simple workouts and became depressed. I experienced unbearable sugar cravings and the many Doctors I saw still did not consider me overweight and did not find anything wrong. But I knew something was and out of balance, and I started to research on my own – and that was the beginning of my journey to become a Health Coach.

How I found my passion

After an intensive time of research and learning about food allergies, chemicals, sensitivities, additives, hormone disruptors and many other health related topics I found my problems. First, I discovered that I developed several food sensitivities and started to eliminate food additives I never was exposed to in Germany before. But my major problem was not food quality, it was quantity. Unknowingly I had adapted U.S. portion sizes and had started to eat twice the amount of food I was used to before. I designed a nutrition plan meeting my individual needs and combined it with a functional workout routine – and gradually reverted to a healthy weight and my health related problems disappeared as well. I was amazed by the powerful impact weight gain and nutrition has on health – and how healing targeted nutrition can be. I enrolled to study to become a Wellness Coach to add a scientific base to my experience and work as a Health & Wellness Coach since. I had found my passion –  to help others transforming to a healthy lifestyle.