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Learn from a certified Health & Culinary Nutrition Coach how to create easy, delicious & healthy meals for long lasting change

Sitting on the fence about starting a health program? Kickstart your health and work with me!

Whatever your goal is ... losing or gaining weight, healthier cooking, adjusting to an allergy, improve family health or cooking for a medical condition - working with me will be fun. We will shop together, create recipes together and cook together and I am there for you every step of the way. Changing your eating habits often means making other changes too in your life and I will be there for you as your coach through this life transition. By the end of the program, you will have gained clarity and knowledge to empower you to stay on your new path, enabling you for a healthy future.

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Changing habits and making them stick requires a positive environment. Often, diets are extreme, raising a wagging finger with Do’s and Don’ts and it is no surprise they don’t last. I never use diets, my approach is no-nonsense, customized and hands on, helping you with every aspect around feeling well – from creating a custom-tailored nutrition strategy, an engaging fitness plan up to reducing daily toxins and introducing relaxation techniques.  My programs are designed to be a space for positive change, personal growth and reflection where we track progress in a peaceful yet accountability-driven setup. And entering a program does not only mean changing your eating habits, it also creates space for you to advance, to be completely yourself and resolve obstacles that are keeping you from living a full life.


Unlock the reason(s) that keeps you from healthy eating

By now, you have heard of all the diet frenzies. And maybe even tried a few. Clean eating. Power foods. The protein miracle. Low carb. No carb. Keto. No fat. Yes fat. But, if you have ever been on a diet you also know they only work for the people who invented them (and then some). The reason is simple: we are all different and diets are not custom-tailored to bio-individual needs. Instead, they are based on exclusion and relinquish enjoyment, leading to frustration, additional weight gain and abandonment cycles for so many people. The key to a healthy lifestyle is never an extreme approach - it is balance - paying attention to healthy foods but at the same time not overdoing it.

Eating needs to be fun and when you work with me, you will never count calories or have to say goodbye to your favourite foods. Instead, based on your likes and dislikes, we will turn around your favourite recipes with healthy, yet yummy substitutions. You will learn how to cook and to prepare meals in a completely new way, still with room for indulgence. We will identify and unlock unresolved issues that subconsciously may keep you from eating healthy. And because being healthy is foremost a state of mind and not a “state of stomach”, I will coach you not only for better eating habits, but also for long lasting lifestyle changes to reduce stress, every day toxins, and ways to be happier in your career and relationship.

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“It’s not about information. It’s about transformation.”

Building new habits with a Culinary Nutrition Coach is fun. Because only when change is enjoyable, it will truly last.

Healthy eating efforts often fail because of one major obstacle – meal preparation. Although nutritional information is abundantly available these days, many fail when it comes to put theory into creative practice because theoretical knowledge about good and bad foods often is simply not enough. Culinary Nutrition Coaching closes this gap with a hands-on training approach customized to your life circumstances – proven to make lifestyle transformations long lasting and successful.

As a certified Health Coach with a specialty in Culinary Nutrition Coaching, I help with all things related to food in your life. From identifying good foods, to creative meal planning, healthy grocery shopping, cooking and adapting to behavioural eating changes. Instead of using diets or suggesting to eat 10% of this and 20% of that, I coach you through the transformation to a healthier lifestyle using a no-nonsense, practical  training approach.

My Services & Programs

Services are hourly Consulting sessions for informational and educational purposes with a focus on training.

Programs are defined time commitment periods for 3, 6 or 12 months focusing on sustainable change through coaching and accountability.

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