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“It’s not about information. It’s about transformation.”

Welcome! I am a Certified Health & Wellness Coach specializing in Culinary Nutrition and I am excited you are here. Why Culinary Nutrition and what is so special about it?

Marry food theory with practice

Nutrition information is everywhere these days, but many fail when it comes to put theory into practice. Healthy eating efforts often fail because of a major obstacle – meal preparation. Theoretical knowledge about good and bad foods alone is not enough and culinary medicine has been proven to make a transformation successful. As a Certified Health Coach with a focus on Culinary Coaching, I can help you  to plan, shop & cook for an enjoyable long-term healthy lifestyle and and adapting behavioural changes towards your goals.

I am trained in Culinary Nutrition Coaching by the Institute of Lifestyle Medicine, founded by Harvard Medical School and Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital to reduce lifestyle-related death and disease. Rather than following diets or suggesting to eat 10% of this and 20% of that, I analyze your nutritional needs & habits and based on your food preferences, coach you through the transformation – providing hands-on practical assistance for meal prep, cooking, shopping, positive eating behavior modifications and many more.

“I don’t use diets, my approach is customized and hands on, helping you with every aspect around food in your life – such as grocery shopping, understanding food labels, hands-on cooking education, efficient food storage and safety, creative recipe substitutions, selecting foods for your bio-individuality, positively modifying eating behavior, effective kitchen techniques and many more.”

My Services & Programs

Services are hourly consulting sessions, such as Nutriton or Wellness Consultations for informational or educational purposes. Programs are pre-defined time periods  commitment for 3, 6 or 12 months – focusing on change and coaching for sustainable transformation and achievement goals.


Bio-individual Nutrition planning

Creating personalized, bio-individual long-term “road map to health”with  stustainable life style modifications


Nutritional Cooking

Specialized Nutrition Consulting by creating meal plans and recipes based on nutritional status and to target malnutrition and deficiencies


Health Education & Training

Educate on beneficial and adverse health effects foods and Nutrition Trends


Shopping Cart Assistance

Supermarkt sessios (individuals or groups) to assist with healthy and budget oriented food selections